Totem Folie
Het Dolhuys, Nationaal museum voor de psychiatrie,
Haarlem, NL
i.c.w. Jonas Ohlsson and het Kreatief Atelier SKOR project

Totem Folie is located at the courtyard of Het Dolhuys, the national museum of psychiatry. Totem Folie is the result of a collaborative effort of Tee and Ohlsson, together with creative therapeutist Vera and people from het Kreatief Atelier: a small group of creative people with a psychiatric background. They made drawings and objects in workshops, which were used for this colourful object. The totem on the courtyard functions as a rite of passage, from the ‘normal’ outside world to the innerworld of ‘madness’. For this work Ohlsson went to China to produce this porcelain totem and to combine al the selected drawings within one psychedelic object.